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Mobility Devices

All of buildings on the CNE grounds have accessibility ramps, lifts and elevators to accommodate your needs.

Should you require the use of any lifts or elevators, we would appreciate prior notice to ensure employees trained on the use of this equipment are available to assist you in a timely manner.

The CNE can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and other mobility devices.

Please inform our staff if you have special requirements due to the nature of your equipment so that we can ensure accessibility during your visit.  Calling in advance to make arrangements is always best!  Please call: 416-263-3330 

Blindness/Vision Loss:

Should any type of vision loss restrict you from reading signs, locating landmarks or recognizing potential hazards, we would be happy to assist you upon your request, or with prior notice.

Although our services do not include Braille material, one of our team members would be pleased to assist you by reading aloud any information that would enhance your visit. Our Information Booths also offer magnifiers at each of their five locations to help you read CNE materials.

Should you use a Guide Dog or other Support Animal, we are happy to welcome them with you during your visit. It is your responsibility to ensure the comfort and safety of both your Guide Dog and fellow visitors while you are at the fair.

Should you require assistance finding your way around the grounds Scouts Canada has a limited number of staff members available to assist you. Reservations must be made in advance by calling 416-490-6364 x 452 (June 1 – August 16) or during the fair 416-649-2296.

Hearing Disabilities:

Pen and paper are available at all of Information Booths, and our team is happy to communicate with you via the written word.

If you want to communicate with us in advance of your visit, we recommend that you contact us via: Bell Relay Services. The number is 1-800-855-0511

Allergies/Multiple Chemical Sensitivities:

We ask that guests and employees be considerate of those who may have allergies and/or multiple chemical sensitivities by refraining from wearing heavily scented products whenever possible.

Due to the large guest traffic and the variety of services provided, you may from time to time find areas such as the CNE Farm where there are strong scents. We request that you avoid these types of areas if they are known to cause you discomfort. 

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