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In 2016, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) convened an independent, multi-discipline, and arms-length Advisory Council to review practices related to Persons with Disabilities at the governance, leadership and operations levels, including admissions and programming partnerships. The Advisory Council was asked to obtain appropriate input to assist in its discussions and, to this end, heard presentations from a range of expert sources.

The Advisory Council concluded its work, and presented five recommendations to the CNE for consideration. To ensure all comments and concerns on these recommendations were heard, the CNE requested (through news releases, newspaper advertisements, online advertisements and social media posts) public participation of an online feedback form that was available between April 4 to 21, 2017.

After considering the extensive feedback from the public consultation, the Advisory Council finalized its recommendations and report, and presented six recommendations to the CNE with unanimous support.

At its May 17 meeting, the CNEA Board approved staff recommendations put forward in response to the Advisory Council’s recommendations. The initiatives approved by the Board encompass all aspects of the organization, from employment through to admissions and customer experience. The CNE is striving to improve accessibility at Canada`s largest fair for all guests. By acting on these recommendations, the CNE will continue to work towards ensuring that all guests and members of the organization are treated fairly and equitably.

To view the news release and final Advisory Council report, please click the link below.

News Release

Final Advisory Council Report

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