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Health & Wellness Pitch Competitors

In this category competitors presented solutions to everyday health and wellness concerns of the general public. There is a focus on the aging population and accessibility.

The Pitch Competition took place Saturday August 24 @ 12:30 pm! The winner of this Pitch Competition will continue to the Pitch Competition Finals on Sunday, August 24 @ 5:30 pm.

Winner of category: LinkMentalHealth

Meet the Competitors

Able Innovations Inc.

Able Innovations develop innovative technology to improve transfer processes and outcomes, taking away the back-breaking effort and risk of injury in moving individuals.


LinkMentalHealth’s online platform help employees quickly and easily navigate to the right mental health resources and services based on the individualized needs of the person. Providing their employees with an efficient pathway to better mental health ensures they are at optimal performance, while honouring their mental health commitments, ultimately creating a healthier, happier and more productive workplace. 


Medication non-adherence is a tremendous burden for patients, pharmacies, and the pharmaceutical industry alike. MedEssist is the first mobile app using a unique scanning feature that reminds patients when to take their medications, but also how to take them, and facilitates simple, secure mobile refills to their local pharmacy.


Individuals and families of individuals with disabilities struggle to navigate the disability services landscape. On the other hand, clinics and service providers face increasing challenges in attracting new clients, improving communication of patient data across clinics, and lowering administrative overhead. Sentero’s mission is to reduce the burden on families and help clinics boost patient care and services, connecting the two parties under an integrated web platform.


SmartEyes is a mobile application that uses object detection to inform visually impaired individuals of objects in their surroundings using 3D audio feedback. The objective of this application is to redesign the instruments that the visually impaired user uses to go about their days as well giving them the independency.

All Programming Subject to Change

Dates & Times:
View Times
August 29
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
Hall F, Enercare Centre

All Programming Subject to Change

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