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Trading Card Games

Trading Card Games will be presented by Face-to-Face Games at the CNE Gaming Garage powered by AMD on August 17 & 18. From Magic: the Gathering to Dragon Ball Super team tournaments, the CNE Gaming Garage has it all.  For all the details about our Trading Card Games, all outlined below!

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August 17, 2019

UFS Singles PTC Standard Tournament

“Jasco's UFS Brings fighters from some of the most iconic IP's of all time! Ever imagine who would win in a fight between Lu Kang and Ryu or Sub Zero vs Spike? The PTC event is a tournament where players battle it out for their chance to represent their favorite Characters at the Regional level and get their invitation to the World Championship!“

-1 Booster Box for each round of top cuts achieved (Value of $560)
-Exclusive Custom Playmat for Top 8 Players
-Participation: Unique Promo

Force of Will GP (Non-Sponsored)

“The Force of Will GP Circuit is making its way to Canada! Want a chance to represent your country at the World Championship in Japan? Battle your way through some of the most magical Rulers of all time and show us if you have what it takes to make it to Worlds. If you win the event, you also win a Karnox Esports Gaming Chair! “

-All participants will receive a GP event promo

Dragon Ball Super Store Preliminary

“Dragon Ball players who participate in the Store Preliminary will get their chance to get their invitation to the 2019 National Championship. Do you have what it takes? Signed figures of Goku will be given out to some of the players of this event.”

-1st Place Karnox Gaming Chair (Value of $499.99), Invitation to 2019 National Championship, 2x 2019 Championship 2019 / 1x Merit Card
-1st – 4th Signed Playmat by Sean Schemmel (Value of $1200, 1 of 4 playmats signed)
-2nd – 8th Invitation to 2019 National Championship, 2x 2019 Championship 2019 / 1x Merit Card
-Participation 1x 2019 Championship 2019 / 1x Merit Card / 1x Event Pack 3 (Packs valued at $5.00 each

Yu-Gi-Oh Win-a-PlayStation 4

‘It's time to Duel! Battle your way through the Shadow Realm and rise through the ranks to win your own gaming console. Players participating in the event will all receive exclusive OTS Booster Packs!”

-1st Place wins a PlayStation 4
-2nd Place gets a Sealed Booster Box
-Participation Pack: OTS Championship Pack (Value of $5.00 per pack)

Magic: The Gathering Championship

"Come and join us for the CNE Magic: The Gathering Championship! Bring your Modern deck and battle for 1000 dollars of store credit and give yourself an opportunity to see what else the CNE and Gaming Garage have to offer! The number of rounds will be based on attendance with a cut to single elimination top 8. See you there!"

Stay Tuned!

August 18, 2019

UFS 3 vs 3 Standard Tournament

“There's no better way to play a game then with your friends. You and two other teammates will forge your way through the tournament to battle in the top cut! Players who make the cut win booster boxes added to the number of matches that they have won.“

-1 Booster Box for the team for each round of top cuts achieved
-Exclusive Custom Playmat for Top 3 Teams
-Participants: Unique Promo

Dragon Ball Super Team Tournament 3 VS 3

Assemble your strongest team for this all-out battle where everything is on the line! You and 2 other teammates will compete with many rivals throughout the Dragon Ball Super Universe. Players are limited in their choices of cards because only a playset of each card is allowed in the three combined decks. Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate prize? Find out who wins at the Dragon Ball Super 3 Vs 3!

-1st Place Team Exclusive Custom Playmat, Each Teammate receives a sealed booster box (Value of $374.99) or an exclusive Goku Pop signed by Sean Schemmel (Valued at $150 each)
-2nd Place Team: Prize that 1st place didn't claim
-3rd – 4th   Place Team: Exclusive Promo Packs
-Participation: 1x Exclusive Promo Pack

Argent Saga Premier Event

“Argent Saga is kicking off its tournament season in Canada for the very first time! Get your chance at free demos, exclusive playmats, and get a flight to go to the next major event! Players will battle it out and race to the top to win their flight and Karnox Esports Gaming Chair!”

-1st Place Exclusive 1 of 1 Playmat + Karnox Esports Gaming Chair (Value of $499.99) + Flight to Anywhere in North America Excluding Alaska and Hawaii to attend an Argent Saga event of your choice (Value of $600+)
-Participation unique event promo

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All Programming Subject to Change

Dates & Times:
Hall F, Enercare Centre

All Programming Subject to Change

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