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Take part in Canada’s largest annual fair!

The 2017 Canadian National Exhibition offers an exciting opportunity to directly connect with 1.4 – 1.6 million visitors who come to the fair for the ultimate shopping experience indoors and outdoors, while discovering and interacting with the FUN at the fair. 

The CNE reviews each application for product integrity, product quality, booth display and ensures that each shopping pavilion is not saturated by any one product category.

More ways than one to participate!

ARTS, CRAFTS & HOBBIES – all applications for this pavilion must ensure that the products are of Canadian origin and hand-made in Canada (excluding those applications which fall into the Hobbies category).

AT HOME PAVILION – presents a comprehensive collection of exhibitors who represent a wide range of specialty products; home furnishings, home textiles, decorative accessories, tabletop, renovation, home entertainment, electronics and gourmet housewares.

GOURMET KITCHEN is located within the At Home Pavilion and presents an inclusive collection of products for home entertaining, kitchenware and specialty gourmet such as: food & drink, baked goods and preserves.

INTERNATIONAL PAVILION – all applications for this pavilion must ensure that their products and overall booth aesthetic represent a specific country or continent. Mass merchandise where products are made in a specific country will be considered for Shoppers Market section only. 

SHOPPERS MARKET is a unique shopping destination that represents a collection of exhibitors, which cover a broad spectrum of merchandise in categories such as giftware, health & beauty, fashion, accessories, kids, toys, pets and more.

WAREHOUSE OUTLETS is the destination to find warehouse sales, bargains and deal on an assortment of merchandise from big box retailers to brands liquidations. For more information about participating in the Warehouse Outlets, please contact Brenda Holden at 416-263-3847 or

INNOVATION GARAGE - Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase & promote your technology and commercial products to the masses!

For more information about what your application should include, please click on the Application Submission Criteria and CNE Rules and Regulations located below. 

Please contact Jeannette Mintz, Exhibit Sales Account Manager at or Brenda Holden, Exhibit Sales Account Manager at for more information.

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