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New this year, the CNE wants to offer you CNE specific deals and free admission to return to the fair, simply by downloading our App and walking around the grounds!

Our CNE Rewards App uses Bluetooth checkpoints throughout the grounds and when you have visited certain spots during your day, you will be sent offers in that area that are exclusive to you!

Plus, once you have used the CNE Rewards App for over 4 hours, you will automatically be sent a free return ticket to the 2017 CNE on your phone.

Data collected by CNE Rewards will be used by organizers to better understand our visitors and help refine offerings for future years. Please note all data collected remains confidential.

To be a part of this new experience, download the CNE Rewards App, connect your bluetooth and spend a day at the fair!


  • A smartphone with either iOS or Android:
  • If iOS, then it must be an iPhone 5 or above with iOS 9 or above
  • If Android, then it must be Android 5 or above
  • The smartphone must have Bluetooth support and it must be enabled
  • The user must have given the app permission to know its location
  • If Android, then Location Services must be enabled
  • This App is not accessible on Blackberries
  • Data should be enabled while using the app (the app uses a minimal amount of data)
  • The app must remain in the background in order to detect the checkpoints (users should not close the app while on-site)Users must pass through checkpoints to earn rewards
  • Checkpoints can be found in the Enercare Centre, Better Living Centre and most pedestrian gates
  • Users must pass through these areas with the app running in order to be eligible for rewards
  • The time between the first checkpoint and the last is the reward time; once this reaches four hours, the user will receive a free pass Troubleshooting


  • Make sure Bluetooth is on
  • If Android, make sure location services are on
  • Exit the app and open it again (double tap on Apple, press the cascading rectangle icon in Android, then swipe up/sideways to kill it); if location permissions were not given, it should ask for them again on start up
  • Try exiting all apps other than CNE Rewards in case there is a conflict between the apps
  • Sometimes battery saving apps will shut CNE Rewards app down while in the background causing the app to miss checkpoints; check with the user to see if they’re using any
  • Restart the phone 

Notices of Rewards

  • You must have been on the CNE grounds for 4 hours before receiving notices of CNE special offers.
  • You will only receive notices of special CNE offers when you are in the vicinity of the offer.
  • The majority of special offers are in the Enercare Centre.
  • Your reward for a return visit to the 2017 CNE, can take up to 24 hours to appear on your phone.

If you have not received your reward after that, please contact us by entering your info into this short form:


For further details and instructions click here or search for CNE Rewards in your App store! 


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