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Rising Star Talent Competition


In 2017, the CNE's Rising Star celebrated it's 31st year showcasing young artists between the ages of 6 to 21.

Junior Winners

5th Runner-Up – Gracie Smith

4th Runner-Up – Roman Pesino

3rd Runner-Up – Ivanna Vaitkus

2nd Runner-Up-Nathaniel Chua

1st Runner-Up-Sofia Benning

Grand Champion-CM Dancing’s Inters

Youth Winners

5th Runner-Up - Maria Victoria Carabajal

4th Runner-Up - Kylie Vozza

3rd Runner-Up - Katharine Reyes

2nd Runner-Up - Edessa Andrada

1st Runner-Up - Elise Mariah

Grand Champion - Rhyan Douglas

All Programming Subject to Change

Dates & Times:
View Times
August 18-September 3
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
International Stage, Enercare Centre

All Programming Subject to Change

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