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The CNE Grounds served as a Military Camp during the First World War (See slide show below)

The CNE & the Great War

Canada entered the First World War on August 4, 1914.

In late September, the CNE grounds were transformed into a vast military training & housing centre known as: Exhibition Camp.

During the long years of the Great War, the annual fair proceeded. Most of the troops temporarily moved out during the CNE, but those that remained took part in demonstrations aimed at educating CNE visitors on Canada’s war effort.

Visitors could tour trenches dug by the soldiers, witness them “charging” out of trenches, watch their daily drills, bayonet demonstrations & other military manoeuvres … in addition to experiencing the traditional fun of the fair.

The CNE & World War II

The CNE also served as a recruitment and military camp during the second World War, however this time the CNE ceased operation and the fair was not produced during the war.

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