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The Canadian National Exhibition Association (CNEA) is accepting applications for 15 Community-at-Large Membership volunteer positions.

The CNEA Membership connects the CNEA with leaders and influencers in various sectors and communities to further the interests of the CNEA and the community it serves.

Association Members may serve on volunteer committees and/or stand for election to the volunteer Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting in October.

Members possess a variety of competencies in areas such as: strategic planning; risk management; legal; management; financial; and many more.

To meet the objectives set out in the CNEA Strategic Plan, particular emphasis will placed on the following areas for new appointees: innovation; marketing and communications; business development; technology; arts; investment management; accessibility and inclusivity; Indigenous Peoples and their contributions; government relations; and governance.

Are you:

  • Interested in and enthusiastic about the CNE
  • In a position to make contributions to help further the interests of the CNEA in terms of skillset, experience or industry connections
  • Interested in contributing to a great Canadian tradition with a substantial economic and social impact
  • Able to make the time commitment to attend: the Annual General Meeting in the Fall; the Annual Financial Meeting in the Spring; and the CNE event to submit comments and suggestions to the Board of Directors
  • Interested or connected with one of the CNEA’s Membership Sections: Manufacturers & Industry; Agriculture; or General & Liberal Arts
  • 18 years of age or older and a Canadian resident

At this time, we are no longer accepting applications. 

Contact our Corporate Secretariat with questions at 416-263-5201 or

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