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Application and Selection Process

We are pleased to share additional details related to the CNEA Community-at-Large Membership Appointment application and selection process, as well as details concerning areas, such as eligibility, commitments and more.


To qualify for CNEA membership, an applicant must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be a Canadian resident
  • demonstrate an interest or connection with one of the CNEA Membership Sections in which the appointments are being made: Manufacturers & Industry; Agriculture; or General & Liberal Arts

Note: Members in the Municipal Section are set out in the CNEA Act, 2000, which does not call for Community-at-Large appointments.


Preference will be given to candidates who possess:

  • a keen interest in the Canadian National Exhibition
  • good interpersonal skills
  • an ability to work with people of diverse interests and backgrounds
  • expertise in fields generally associated with the CNE, with a specific focus on the following areas to align with the CNEA’s Strategic Plan: innovation; marketing and communications; business development; technology; arts; investment management; accessibility and inclusivity; Indigenous Peoples and their contributions; government relations; and governance



  • Eligible applicants invited to submit applications online
  • Questions can be directed to the Corporate Secretariat and applicants may request a conversation with the Chair of the Nominating & Credentials Committee


  • The Nominating & Credentials Committee will review all applications and prepare a short-list of candidates based on suitability of candidate credentials, the CNEA’s Director Competency Matrix and the CNEA Strategic Plan
  • This short-list of candidates will be invited to attend group interviews
  • Following the interviews, the Nominating & Credentials Committee will select candidates to recommend to the Board of Directors
  • The recommendations of Credentials & Nominating Committee will be presented to the CNEA Board for approval at its meeting in early October.
  • Following the Board meeting, a letter will be sent to all applicants advising of the Board’s decision


Membership in the CNEA is on a voluntary basis. Members and Directors serve without remuneration.

Commitments and Responsibilities:

  • Community-at-Large Members currently serve for a two-year term
  • Members are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting, typically held in October, and the Annual Financial Meeting, usually held in May
  • Members are strongly encouraged to attend the annual CNE, which takes place during the 18 days leading up to Labour Day Monday
  • CNEA Members are responsible for the consideration of matters relevant to the governance and oversight of the Association, whose primary responsibility is the production of Canada’s largest annual event, including but not limited to:
    • the election of a Board of Directors
    • the consideration and approval of the President’s report and financial statements for the preceding year
    • the appointment of an auditor
  • Members may put their names forward to serve on committees

Board of Directors Selection Process

  • Each year, a Board of Directors is elected from the CNEA Membership, giving equal representation to each of the Sections: Manufacturers & Industry; Agriculture; and General & Liberal Arts
  • All members are eligible to run for Board positions in their respective sections
  • The Board elects an Executive Committee at its first meeting following the Annual General Meeting in October

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