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New Foods

The CNE is known for its fun and wacky food! Check out the gallery below for some of 2015's newest offerings in the Food Building and on the grounds.

New food for 2015 included: 

  • Corrado's "S&M" Burger (Corrado's Authentic Italian, Midway)
  • Deep Fried Rice Pudding (Fran's, Food Building)
  • Coffee & Donuts Milkshake (Fran's Food Building)
  • Poutine Balls (Vienna, Food Building)
  • Frosted Flake Battered Chicken on a Stick (Iron Skillet Sirloin Tips, Food Building) 
  • Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese (Bacon Nation, Food Building)
  • Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreo (The Funnel Cake Shop, Food Building)
  • Bub's Bad Boy Burger (Bub's Bad@ss Burgers, Food Building)
  • Baonana Split (Far East Taco, Food Building)
  • Garlic Snow Crab Fries (Jake's Lobster, Food Building)
  • Cold Brew Coffee Tonic (Hula Girl Expresso, Food Building)
  • Chicken Waffle on a Stick (West end of CNE grounds near the Press Building)
  • Deep Fried Cheesecake (Pickle Pete's, Midway)
  • Timbits Poutine (Tim Hortons, Food Building)
  • Bloomin' Apple (Billbrooke Concessions, Midway)

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